Why Us

Hand Crafted

From the outset, English Oak Buildings core principle has been that all oak frames must be hand crafted using traditional methods that have been handed-down through the generations.

Rory Millar, our Founder and Managing Director, learnt the trade of oak framing from the French Master Carpenter, Frederic Brillant and has never deviated from this pure form of oak timber framing.

While our competitors move more and more into the market of mass machine-cut frames we are one of the few companies that have continued to work with our hands. We invest in craftmanship, not machines, which ensures that every frame truly is unique and totally bespoke.

Complete Service

Our carpenters offer a ‘Complete Service’. They will attend an initial briefing meeting, discuss the technical detail of the frame and then set out the timbers ready to be scribed and cut.

The entire frame will be fabricated in our workshop near Bath and pre-assembled with temporary metal pegs before travelling to site. This trial frame assembly ensures that the on-site work runs smoothly with few issues.

The same carpenter who attended that initial briefing meeting and set out the individual timbers at the start of the project will be the one raising your frame; the satisfaction of seeing what he/she has worked on over the previous few weeks/months, now raised and being used, is an immense feeling. 


We believe that we are the best hand-crafted timber framers in the country, with attention to detail at the forefront of everything we do. With this in mind we strive to use the highest quality English Oak for our timber frames.

We have sourced our timber from the same sawmill for over two decades so they know we will only accept the highest quality timber-framing grade oak.

By using English Oak your structure has a reduced carbon footprint compared to imported timber that may have travelled hundreds or thousands, of miles before it gets to our yard. However, through our trusted sawmill we can offer a cheaper grade of European Oak if required.


Deciding to start a building project can be a daunting prospect. English Oak Buildings understands this and has methods in place to ensure that the oak frame element is as effortless and fluid as possible.

We will listen to your ideas and thoughts, look at your drawings and sketches and begin a design that we agree together, one that will truly suit your wishes and style, and will be within the build’s restrictions. This initial process takes as long as it needs to, then we will guide you through the detailed design stage and help with planning where possible.

Once the project is up and running, we will work with other trades to ensure a seamless transition and the raising of your frame with the minimum of fuss. At this stage you will move from the guidance of the office staff to our trusted team of carpenters and Workshop Manager. 

We are proud of our wide range of Projects