A Traditional Frame

English Oak Buildings are experts in the design and build of green oak timber frames, hand crafted in the traditional style. Whether this is for a new home, an extension, a garage, or another unique project, then the beauty of an oak frame is unmistakable. The distinctive exposed beams of these stunning structures showcase traditional carpentry skills at their best.

Contemporary Touches

Some customers prefer a more modern approach. Oak frames are well suited to designs requiring open, lofty spaces that can be flooded with light. The introduction or integration of other contempory materials to our oak frames can also be achieved with ease whether it is areas of glazing, cladding, panelling or even steelwork.


Our frames are compatible with all types of cladding. The oak frame and/or Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) provide a superstructure on which you can fix any material you wish, from any number of species of timber to rendered finishes, stone, brick, metal and glass. Many of our clients ask for a combination of several cladding materials which can work superbly well in the right configuration. Timber cladding, local stone work and areas of direct glazing are a classic combination, but we will set no limits on your design.

Unbeatable Insulation

We have been producing our own custom made SIPs panels for over ten years – longer than any other oak frame manufacturer in the UK. The SIPs panels are fixed around the outside of our timber frames and control the flow heat, air and sound. This encapsulation makes for a home that has minimal ‘cold bridging’, providing outstanding protection from the cold in winter and maintaining a cool house in the summer. Read more about our custom SIPs here.