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Want to transform your property? It’s all about oak extensions!

You might love the area where your home is positioned – you might adore the location and the grounds. But what if the house isn’t quite as you’d like it – or, in fact, your family and needs expand so the building you currently inhabit is no longer suitable?
We have worked with clients that want to completely overhaul their property, such as a project we are currently finishing for the Aram family. Three separate extensions have been designed, intended to  transform the existing building to fabulous effect.
The real star of the project is a large extension that holds a kitchen, dining room and living room, with lots of glazing to flood the area with light. The existing small kitchen has been opened out into a vast open plan area where there is room for the kitchen, living and dining areas, as well as access to the revamped pool room and the poolside area.
A hallway extension has also been added, that creates a new entrance to the building. This begins with a covered external porch complete with decorative truss. Through the new front door is the internal porch area which leads into a long glazed gallery and library area with views onto the beautiful courtyard garden.
The third extension has created a new master bedroom with two stunning Arch-brace trusses across the room and large purlins running the length of the room.
So, if you have grand plans and want to completely transform your home with the help of green oak extensions, then contact us today!


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