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Value Engineering – It’s Important To Us

When it comes to your green oak frame, we are there from the very beginning, and work alongside you from concept to completion. When planning your frame, our focus is on Value Engineering – efficiency with no compromise on quality.

So what exactly is Value Engineering?

The concept of Value Engineering was developed in the Second World War by Lawrence Mills. He worked for the General Electric Company in the US, and, because of the war, found that although the demand for output was at maximum capacity, there was shortage of materials. This naturally needed to be combatted, and so he surmised that if he couldn’t use one particular material then he’d find an alternative that performed the same function.

So ultimately, Value Engineering is the management of a project whereby a variety of alternatives are considered for an existing solution. When we refer to it, we mean techniques that are applied during the design phase that will save money and be most cost effective.

When we apply Value Engineering to your oak frame project, it means we can eliminate and identify any unnecessary costs early on, and take into account issues like planning restrictions, transportation limits, site issues and organisation. We analyse the function of various elements, develop or take into account alternatives, and our aims include improving quality, reducing environmental impact and, of course, making it more cost effective. Product sustainability is also important to us, and we are passionate about reducing waste.


The combined expertise of our team allows for minimal fuss with maximum results. Through accurate budgeting and precise design in the initial stages, we ensure you get value for money throughout your project. So contact today for more details of how we can start the planning of your green oak project.


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