Ah, 14th February. What to buy?! If you’ve been together for years and years then sometimes chocolates just won’t cut the mustard. Jewellery or a watch can be tricky to get right, or perhaps your loved one already has all the accessories they want. What you need is a unique and thoughtful Valentine’s Gift that is sure to amaze and impress.

Enter English Oak Buildings – the cupids of the carpentry world. We can advise on a Valentine Gift that will be the most perfect and stunning addition to your home and garden, while causing gasps of delight. It’s the grown-up version of carving your initials in a tree, only with this Valentine Gift you’re presenting a bespoke structure carved exclusively from English oak.

We have created one-off bridges and pergolas for clients all over the UK, often as presents for their loved ones. Whether you have a specific design in mind, or want to discuss what would work best in your grounds, then we can work together to make something impressive and, best of all, unique.

Take this bespoke structure we created for Westwood House. The entire frame is fabricated from the highest quality seasoned English oak, while the main ring beam is made from eighteen separate shaped sections laminated together.


Or how about a distinctive pergola at the front of your house – a beautiful curving structure that draws you in and up to the main house’s front door?


Get into contact and we can discuss the ideal Valentine Gift for you to give. We know it’s cheesy, but if you want to show how solid your love is – why not show it with oak!