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Tips for keeping your oak frame cosy in winter!

Time to think about getting those blankets out, lighting a fire, and getting cosy! Here are some top tips on keeping snug in your oak framed home during winter. 

There’s no doubt the cold snap has started and winter’s frost-covered fingers are creeping over the horizon! Whether or not you’ve been forced into getting that thermostatic cranked up (we’re guessing yes) then it’s certainly time to start hibernation mode. We’ve collected some home design inspiration for keeping cosy in winter.


Nothing says ‘let’s not bother to leave the house for the weekend, it’s all about Netflix and slippers’ than a roaring fireplace. It might have been filled with dried flowers or arty candles in summer months, but now’s the time for collecting that kindling, stocking up on coal, and getting a blaze going.

When we’re asked to design houses or extensions to people’s specifications, fireplaces are often a feature of those wanting to emulate a country-cottage feeling to their home. Fireplaces work fabulously with the low beams in creating a sense of cosy warmth. Take a look at Meadow Cottage as an example.

Blankets, pillows and rugs:

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 10.57.19

It’s amazing what soft furnishings can do to a room. Because of the scope with green oak frames to create lofty ceilings and astounding, Cathedral like glass windows, then there can be a very airy atmosphere in the rooms. However, this is stopped from being chilly or formal with the use of pillows, cushions, and attractive rugs. Upping the throw factor around this time of year is essential – especially if they’re fluffy, velvety and soft.

Warm lighting:

When it comes to creating a cosy atmosphere in a room, it’s all Lighting, Lighting, Lighting. A soft glow makes the ultimate impact in keeping things snug, and everyone wants to be curled up inside when candles are causing shadows to dance across the walls. As well as getting the flames lit, invest in some lower energy light bulbs – these will be less bright and help save the planet! Lamps with a dimmer switch also help create a golden, relaxed ambience.

Keep the heat in

One of the best ways of staying cosy? Staying warm! And keeping the heat in is essential to this. Insulation is key to this, which is where our Structural Insulated Panels come in. We ensure that your home is fully insulated with our custom SIPS, meaning you saves money on energy bills in the long run. Learn more here: englishoakbuildings.com/sips-panels


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