Take a break and read about the pieces of wooden design that have been drawing admiring glances from us recently!

Samaná furniture and homeware range


We’ll have coffee like this from now on, please! How beautifully-crafted is this cabinet that doubles as a table? The wooden design is made of ash, and the cabinet-table is described as a “container”. Mexican designer José Bermudez, and Colombian designers Vrokka and Fango Studio worked together on the project. It’s been named Samaná after a coffee-harvesting region between the cities of Bogotá and Medellin. The ‘container’ is based around traditional cantinas that are meeting points in Mexico where people discuss while they prepare drinks. The shape is inspired by the wooden boxes used by coffee growers when selecting the best coffee beans.

As well as furniture, other pieces of wooden design in the range also includes mugs, spoons, and vessels. We’re also in love with this pour-over coffee maker that comes with a filter holder made of oak, instead of more commonly used glass or ceramic.


Learn more about the range here: https://www.dezeen.com/2017/11/15/samana-coffee-jose-bermudez-vrokka-fango-studio-furniture-homeware/

Yohann’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Stand



Anything that not only makes our desks tidier but also looks this slick has our immediate attention. Which is why we’re loving the wooden design of Johann’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Stand. Tested here in walnut by Michael Potuck for 9to5mac.com, you can see how striking the wooden stand is. So we were also very excited to learn it’s available in oak.

Michael said the stand ‘offers a minimalistic feel with its cantilever design, but also a beautiful sculptural element with its unique mix of angular and curved lines’. All we know is that our laptop suddenly feels naked without one!

BeoLab 50


We’re more than a little obsessed with these Bang & Olufsen Bang and Olufsen BeoLab 50 Loudspeakers. This new version of the floor speakers is a brass tone and smoked oak edition, and looks super slick. They’ve designed them so that the smoked oak wood covers which creates a warm and organic contrast to the sleek and brass toned aluminium. Listening to our ABBA collection will never be the same again…