Since it’s nearly Christmas, we thought we’d share some information about St. Andrews Church, Greensted – the oldest wooden Church in the World, and the oldest ‘Stave Built’ timber building in Europe.

The church lies about a mile west of Chipping Ongar town centre, Essex. The church has the stamp of work by Saxon, Norman, Tudor and Victorian builders who variously extended, repaired and restored the building over the ages, and the oak walls are often classified as remnants of a palisade church or a kind of early stave church, dated either to the mid-9th or mid-11th century.

In 2005 the spire was completely re-shingled in Oak. The oldest grave, lying adjacent to the entrance to the church is that of a twelfth century Crusader, thought to be a bowman.

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The nave is mostly original, and has been dated at being built some time between 1063 and 1108. It is made of large split oak tree trunks, which was a traditional Saxon way of building.

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