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The Beauty of a Cedar Shake Roof

Want to add even more character to your timber build? How about considering a Cedar Shake Roof?

So what is shake roofing? Well, a shake is similar to a shingle Рa thin, tapered piece of wood used to cover roofs and walls Рonly it is manufactured slightly differently. Shakes are split from a block of timber, along the natural grain of the wood. They are then re-sawn to give a textured face and smooth back. They are used in roofing all over the world, and wooden shingle roofs were especially prevalent in the North American colonies

As well as the aesthetic benefits of a rustic, charming appearance, cedar shake roofs are also great for weather protection and insulation. We’ve recently been working on a project building a bespoke hexagonal shaped Gazebo with decorative curved braces and a Cedar Shake Roof. The floor will be finished with natural stone and the lawn landscaped up to it. The cedar shakes and oak frame will silver off over time embedding the gazebo¬†in the garden landscape.


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