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The Attraction of Oak Garden Architecture

When it comes to garden architecture, it is little wonder that oak frames are such popular choices for those wanting a unique and eye-catching addition to their property. What could be nicer than a bespoke oak gazebo, bridge or pergola, made to your specifications?

Just as an oak framed home adds character and an indefinable feeling that is specific to living within the beams of something you have created, so a piece of garden architecture can completely transform the landscape. The natural beauty of oak makes it the ideal material for use within a rural surrounding, and create a talking point that can be enjoyed in all weathers.

One beautiful piece of garden architecture that we are particularly proud of was commissioned by a client who wanted to surprise their wife on a anniversary. Jewellery seemed too obvious on this occasion, and so he asked us to recreate an oriental-style bridge reminiscent of one found in one of their favourite places. The result was the gorgeous piece of oak garden architecture (above).

And we have been working on another piece recently – a bespoke hexagonal-shaped gazebo with decorative curved braces and cedar Shake roof. The floor will be finished with natural stone and the lawn landscaped up to it. What will add extra beauty and definition to the structure is that the Cedar shakes and oak frame will silver off over time embedding itself in the garden landscape.

For more information about our oak garden architecture, or to discuss a planned project, contact us today!


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