No doubt you were sweltering yesterday during the hottest day of the year, as temperatures soared to up to 25 degrees in London. And while it’s amazing to have this kind of heat, we’re also not equipped for it like our friends over in the South of France or Spain, who often have a swimming pool to dip into when they want to cool off.

Imagine if, yesterday, you could have simply gone for a refreshing swim in your own pool. Ah, the luxury! And while there are undoubtably those who are saying “Yes, but it’s only fine weather a few days a year” then we have the answer – a green oak framed swimming pool.

Oak swimming pool coverNot only practical, but it looks stunning, too. In builds like this, the art of oak framing is really allowed to shine, since the open plan nature of these rooms means that your entire oak frame will be on show.

Our expertise is essential in these circumstances, since the increased width needed can be more difficult to construct. However, at English Oak Buildings we have the skills to create a frame that perfectly fits with the design and intricacies of your pool. We put this capabilities to work when creating a green oak frame for Phoenix House. Working alongside project architects, we developed a scheme where the huge ten-bay oak frame contained a swimming pool, plant room, gym, large double garage and store rooms.

So if you’ve always considered the extra luxury of having you own oak framed pool, then contact us. When the temperatures soar next summer you’ll be able to simply kick back and relax in your private green oak frame!