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How to use that spare room

Space – it’s great to have a bit extra. But if you’re lucky enough to have a spare room to play with, then what’s the best way to utalise it?

A spare room does’t have to simply contain a bed that only gets used around Christmas time. How about creating a space for that hobby you love, such as painting or craftwork? Appropriate storage, natural lighting and furniture can transform a room into a studio, music room or even library.

Perhaps you have a collection of items – paintings, instruments or something niche like model ships – wouldn’t it be superb to have a space to show them off to their best advantage? A spare room can easily be turned into a miniature exhibition space; somewhere quiet for you to make the most out of personal and cherished possessions.


If you’re a fan of entertaining, why not finally realise your vision of installing a home bar? By including a space for mixing drinks, some bar stools and low couches for reclining, then suddenly you have a great space to host parties. A rumpus room or modern parlour are also great ways of having more space to host friends.

Maybe you want to take the chance to have an oasis of calm? There’s always the possibility of creating a spa, or simply a meditation or contemplation room. Soft furnishing, gentle hues and peace and quiet can help achieve this dream!

However you decide to utilise your space, make sure it’s completed with a green oak frame – then you’re certain of a beautifully furnished spare room!


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