Have you designed and build a house for under £100,000? Well, the Telegraph is launching a competition to seek those who have…

We’re well aware of how satisfying creating your own self-build can be – we have worked with countless clients who have seen their dreams become reality, as they watch their ideal house move from concept to completion. Our green oak frames have been specially tailored to the individual wishes for each aspiring homeowner.

And concept is half of the fun – designing a home that ticks all the boxes that are vital for you. In the past, Telegraph winners have constructed woodland bolt-holes, traditional coastal cottages, contemporary stilted residences, and all manner of imaginative and unique structures.

Building an ideal home from scratch does not have to be ridiculously expensive – we know that, and so do the winners of these awards. It’s fascinating to see what people have created with hefty helpings of determination and ingenuity.

So if you’ve built a home for under £100,000 and think your design needs to be shouted about, then take a look at the Telegraph Self Build awards here.