We make no secret of our love for English oak interiors – our passion for this beautiful wood has seen us spend the last twenty years creating houses, extensions, barns, garages, and many more incredible structures out this fabulous material. So it was great to read the news that a restaurant in Seoul, South Korea, has been panelled in oak as a tribute to the former owner’s love of trees.

Even the name –  Chosunoak the Oak – reflects this affinity with such a gorgeous material, and it was at the request of the current owner that the wooden panelling be incorporated into the restaurants design. The restaurant has been owned by the same family since it opened in 1947, and is now run by a third generation. The former owner was known to love these trees, and so the current operator  asked the design teams to add this aspect to the design of the new second location.

The design sees a great juxtaposition of minimal design (angular oak furniture such as tables, chairs and benches, as well as exposed plain brick walls and a grey floor), with pops of colour from intricate patterns of traditional screens.

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The oak features are also seen in sliding doors with clouded glass, ridge-patterned panelling, oak strips in the toilets, and the griddle cover for the ceiling which includes sections of wood placed together alongside brass. The whole effect is designed to encourage people to fully appreciate the feeling of meeting in a restful, communal space, and was thought up by Korean firms By Seog Be Seog and MMOA Studio.

Images from Dezeen.com