Project Types

New Build

When creating a new home from scratch, identifying new styles, layouts and spaces can be daunting. At English Oak Buildings we listen to your ideas, take on board your concerns, identify what you truly want from the project and transform these into the living area of which you have dreamed.

We will guide you through the process, inviting regular conversations to ensure that your new build evolves smoothly. Over twenty years of experience has seen us working with all trades, aware of the potential complexities that can arise before and during work on site. Our mission will be to make the process relaxed and enjoyable.


Renovation can be one of the hardest projects, whether it is replacing a couple of old beams or a complete renovation of a structure that has fallen victim to time. This decision to alter or extend your home needs to be met in a sympathetic manner.

At English Oak Buildings, our in-house designer fashions his drawings to complement the original design of the build in line with the requirements of the renovation. Then our hand-crafted methods guarantee a timber frame that slips into place as if it has always been there.


The residential market makes up the majority of our work. Although based in the South West of England, we have been involved in projects all over the UK and Europe and are comfortable working in all environments. We consider ourselves to be a highly adaptable company. This is reflected in our portfolio, which stretches from an ornate bridge to a fourteen bay barn.

Whether you are looking to build a unique garden structure in which to enjoy the warmer weather or design and construct a new-build home, English Oak Buildings will listen to your ideas and propose a design and build that will match your vision.


We have a varied commercial portfolio, offering our clients and their companies a chance to express their personalities through their architectural choices.

Some of the projects we have built to date include a large Tasting Barn and Conference room for Thatchers Cider, an extensive Stable for a Racehorse Owner/Breeder, an Artist’s workshop, Pilates studios, bespoke gym/fitness suites, and many garden offices. Most recently we completed a colossal six bay double height barn to be used as a community Theatre and Exhibition space in Suffolk.

Oak frame buildings are incredibly beautiful places in which to work and their adaptability makes them a compelling choice for any business.


When you consider the longevity of an oak tree, it comes as no surprise that timber frames made from oak account for some of the most beautiful historic buildings in Europe.

English Oak Buildings collaborate with architects and heritage teams to protect beautiful old buildings, restoring them to their former glory while conserving the traditional elements of the design. We also work closely with residential clients who wish to restore their property to its former glory.

Our carpenters only use hand-crafted traditional techniques, and so are perfectly skilled to accomplish the demands of restoration and conservation projects.

We are proud of our wide range of Projects