1. Initial Consultation

We believe in building a close relationship with all our clients. We understand the passion and excitement involved with a new building project, and how important it is to capture your vision.

This initial stage will start with a conversation about your project/planning, and where possible, a site visit will be arranged, and/or you can visit us at our workshop.

If you have any plans/drawings/sketches, then send them over. 

2. Frame Design

Based on our initial discussions, and any plans/drawings supplied, we will now be able to turn your ideas into a 3D model. This is where it really gets exciting, as your structure comes to life.

The 3D model not only provides a visual aid, but also allows us to supply an accurate quotation for the works. At this stage, we have already started to collaborate with our design team, checking timber sizes and joint types, in order to speed up the engineering process. Where required, we can also supply glazing, door and specialist bi-fold estimates.

3. Technical Drawings and Engineering

Once commissioned, our designer’s will create technical drawings, focusing on joint details, encapsulation methods and site preparation. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our joints, and work within a tolerance of millimetres which all comes from the comprehensive drawings provided. Check out our DESIGN page for more information.

Once completed, these drawings are sent to external structural engineers to be checked and verified. Our recommended structural engineers are ‘Momentum Ltd’, as they understand the requirements of a traditional oak frame.

4. Fabrication

One of the benefits of timber framing is that your structure is built off site in our secure, dry workshop. It will be hand-built by our carpenters, using traditional scribing methods and pre-assembled with metal pins, so that we know it fits when delivered to site.

We will not need to stop if it rains or wait for the designer to confirm measurement (he is in the workshop office, overseeing the whole project). This means that you can work to a set project timetable, comfortable in the knowledge that we will be ready for a specific date.

Another benefit is that your site can continue working whilst we build your frame, meaning less disruption and a shorter overall build time.

5. Frame-Raising 

The exciting bit! Once the pre-frame raising construction is complete (ie: groundworks and walling), we will arrive with your finished timber frame. Normally taking just a few days, we will install the whole frame, sometimes using a crane, ready for encapsulation.

Unlike many other companies, the same carpenters that built your frame in the workshop will arrive on site to raise it. This means that they have been involved from the start, and so have a deep understanding of your project and the details involved.

6. On-site construction

If you have commissioned us to encapsulate the building with our custom-made SIPS, glazing, warm roof build-up or cladding, then it is at this stage that we install them.

Once completed, the remaining on-site works can be finished, with roofing contractor(s), electricians, etc, completing their trades. You will now have a water-tight shell, ready for decorating!

7. finishes

The final stages of the process is where you can really stamp your style on the structure, via decorative finishes. Oak framing is an ancient craft; however, it lends itself to both contemporary and traditional décor.

This is the stage where an oak frame becomes your oak frame.

For added peace of mind, we are pleased to offer a 15 year guarantee on all our oak timber frames and glazing.

We are proud of our wide range of Projects