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Do I need planning permission for a small plot?

It’s a misconception that you need a huge amount of land if you want to create a new build, or even add an extension to your property. One thing that can stop people from exploring their options is the issue of planning permission and constraints. Well, this is where we might just be able to help.

Because we create bespoke frames then we can adhere to certain guidelines meaning that the annoyance of obtaining planning permission is not always necessary. We also like to think outside the box – the tin box, that is. Having an extra dwelling space on your land doesn’t necessarily mean a metal caravan – you can invest in oak as well.

This was the case with our project for Will Trickett. Will, who has worked with Kevin McCloud on Hand Made Home, had planning permission on his site – 1680 sq ft footprint – for a double caravan. However, it had to be built so it could be removed in two pieces. His challenge to us was to see if we could design and build one from oak. As such, the trusses are bolted together in the middle so the building can be split in two.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 12.08.25Through careful planning, we designed a structure that adhered to guidelines, did not require special permission, but still embraced the beauty of a bespoke oak frame. This means that anyone with land who is considering a holiday cabin or outhouse could enjoy a timber framed build without the headaches one would think it brings.


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