Every now and then we like to peruse what’s new when it comes to the interior design world of oak – which is how we came across these stunning pieces. The Oak. collection draws on the natural beauty of the wood and combines this with traditional design elements.

There are seven pieces in the Oak. collection, all made from American oak sponsored by WBP Trading AB, finished with Herdins AV wax oil and executed by cabinetmaker Ali Atié.

Oak. is the result of collaborative activity between students from the BA and MA programs at Lund University School of Industrial Design, completed in extracurricular time.  We really loved the air of whimsy about each piece – for example the cookie drawer on its long spindly legs, the wardrobe that encourages clothes to be on display for the user, and the bench which ‘invites the lonely, yet supports the many.’ We can definitely imagine these unique items drawing glances in our timber framed homes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 13.02.18

To read more about the Oak. collection have a look at the article on yatzer.com

All images from Yatzer.com

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