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Protecting the oak woodland of England

England has a long and close affiliation with the oak tree. Not only is it the most common tree species in the UK, but oak woodland has strong symbolism within our culture. Image courtesy of BBC

Oak represents strength and endurance, and castles and strongholds were historically built from this material. Many of them are still standing now, due to its incredible durability.

However, did you know that two thirds of timber is imported? Not only is that bad news for our oak woodland, but it also has an effect on the domestic industry. Working with Grown in Britain, and being part of the Forestry Stewardship Council, we aim to bring people’s attention to the fact we need to support English oak wherever possible. Growing oak through sustainable forestry and then processing it in Britain can yield not only economic benefits, but also have environmental advantages.

The environmental merits are clear – by continuing to look after our oak woodland, not only do we provide essential habitats for animals and birds, but the trees also absorb carbon dioxide as they grow. Still, there is the risk that oak woodland can become ‘overstocked’ – and we need to maximise production and create more outlets for the wood, so we can then continue the cycle by planting more trees.

The Grown In Britain campaign that English Oak Buildings supports is an initiative that embraces all tiers of woodland management – from tree growers, sawmills, artisan furniture makers and bespoke frame makers such as ourselves. It creates jobs and boosts the economy, as well as increasing the value we put on our oak woodland.

So know that when you decide on a green oak frame from English Oak Buildings, you’re helping to support the economy and environment of Britain in the best possible way.


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