Are you one of many homeowners considering a home office? How about an oak garden office? We look at the benefits of these in our latest blog.

Last year it was reported that 70% of people globally work remotely at least once a week. Then there’s the fact 50% of UK workforce to work remotely by 2020. There is also no shortage of people deciding to set up their own small businesses or going freelance. For this, a home office is perfect. But what about an oak garden office?

Imagine a commute that essentially took you across the lawn or along your paving stones. Close enough to be of the utmost convenience, yet with the benefit of being removed from your living space. This means less chance of children, partners and friends wandering in to chat. Less options to turn on the telly or head to the kitchen for a biscuit. There also won’t be the blurred lines of relaxing and working space. This is essential for a positive mindset and keeping a work-life balance.

An oak garden office is the perfect answer. Our English oak gives the same warmth, comfort and character as you’d find in any self-build we produce, meaning your workspace becomes a welcoming and enjoyable space to spend time. We can also use cladding to seamlessly blend the design in with the existing aesthetics and architecture of your existing build.

Get in contact today to discover how you could create your own bespoke oak self-build in your garden, and give your business the flying start it deserves!