Think a garage is just for cars? Think again…

We are often approached by clients who would like an oak garage – whether they have two or three bays, or are even larger. Green oak framed garages are a popular choice for those wanting to add more space to their property without compromising on aesthetics.

This isn’t surprising. Because each garage is bespoke to fit the client’s desires, there is more and more demand to create a structure that has multiple functions. Need office space, a spare bedroom, or an annex? An oak garage could be the answer.

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This may be as simple as combining storage for items other than cars. In a recent project, we built a timber frame for a well proportioned three bay oak garage with lean-to log store. One of the main bays has been enclosed with a large single door to create a secure store for the client’s garden machinery and tools. The other bays are open fronted and designed for cars to be parked, with posts and curved braces on show, while the main post between the bays is sitting on locally made saddle stone.

Or, there might be grander designs in mind. On a number of occasions we have been called in to build a large oak garage space that has room overhead, whether this is for a study, a spare room, or an annex. This is an increasingly popular way of maximising space.

So, if you want somewhere to park your cars and can think of other ways to utilise the build, get in contact today and see how we can help.