One room that always benefits from the stunning aesthetics and construction benefits that comes with commissioning a green oak frame is the bedroom.

Because each project is entirely unique, you can decide what kind of ‘look’ you want for the room where you sleep. One option is to make the most of the traditional aspects of timber framing. Sloping ceilings are transformed and improved with dramatic beams, and cottage-style Elizabethan windows are encouraged to stand out with deep sills and attractive oak frames. This impressive four poster bed becomes the focal point, accentuated with the charm of the timber beams.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 22.29.04


A second popular choice is to make the most of the sense of space and airiness that a green oak frame affords. Oak frames are well suited to designs requiring open, lofty spaces that can be flooded with light. Whether it’s an extension or an attic room, this effect is rather sensational – the frame itself becomes the focal point, and minimalist chic creates a soothing, restful room that is ideal for a bedroom.

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