Some people like to spend their downtime on the internet looking at cat memes, others like to plan their dream holiday. We like to search around for incredible pieces of oak design and architecture, and today we’re sharing our recent Top Three with you.

An incredible South African Mansion




‘This very romantic mansion has a stunning 360-degree mountain and sea views and is located in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. Thanks to its contemporary multileveled architecture the sliding walls and vast windows the premises are strongly connected whit their surroundings and the borders between in and out are blurred.  The contemporary concrete structures are supplemented by the solid presence of oak wood, wooden beams and cladding and artistic lattice elements that create the dynamic character of the space.’

A beautiful oak treehouse




‘Built around a 300 year-old tree within the Burgundy countryside, this small and spherical, quirky little tree house is covered in oak tiles, well equipped, and boasts fantastic views. Accessed by stairs, it also offers a small terrace from which to enjoy a complimentary breakfast basket; delivered every morning. With somewhat of a futuristic silhouette, its interiors follow suit with a contemporary look that belies the several quaint villages and hamlets you can venture to in the surrounding area.’

Unique Oak Furniture




A wooden bench that hides a compartment for a plant pot below its seat is among the latest furniture and homeward items launched by Danish designer Kristina Dam last year. In 2015 she presented a collection of stained oak and marble furnishings at Danish design event Northmodern. ‘Smaller pieces, including a marble-topped side table and sculptural mirrors, sit alongside the Botanic Storage, which Dam says takes its design cues from a combination of botany and 1970s furniture.’