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Oak Conservation

The celebration of oak runs deep throughout the roots of British history. Ingrained in myth, the wood was sacred to Druids – Merlin’s wand was made of oak, as was the Round Table. It stands for the heart of Britain – a symbol of strength and durability.

And boy it is durable – the oldest wooden building in Europe that still stands is thought to be Greensted Church, the nave of which was constructed from large, split, oak tree trunks, circa 998 AD! Many manor houses and settlements were built using oak that still survive to this day.

Which also means that general wear and tear is likely to show after a few hundred years, and so conservation and preservation is crucial. It takes highly skilled craftsmen to ensure that the correct care is taken. With any alteration to an historic building, sensitivity is key. At English Oak Buildings, we have those skills, and have employed them on a number of occasions. We work closely with architects and heritage teams to protect beautiful old buildings, restoring them to their former glory while ensuring the conservation of traditional elements of the design.

Conservation projects regarding historical buildings are always challenging, reconciling centuries of disparate workmanship with a desire to produce something that blends seamlessly with the beauty of the original structure. Sometimes it’s a case of peeling back the layers of the years, and finding the gem of a structure underneath. English Oak Buildings gradually rectifies the damage (and sometimes the ill-conceived additions!) without compromising the status of a beautiful property.


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