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Oak and Innovative Technology

Bang & Olufsen, the Danish technology wizards, have now come up with a beautiful new product that seamlessly merges music interaction with a unique listening experience with stunning design.


The new BeoSound Moment is an intelligent, wireless system that integrates music and streaming systems in one attractive piece of technology. The top is a detachable and double-sided interface, one side of which is an aluminium interface with touch screen, and provides endless browsing opportunities of the online music. The other side is a gorgeous panel of touch sensitive oak, designed to provide the sound experience that fits your daily rhythm with just one touch of the wooden wheel.

The intelligent listening experience, that remembers your music tastes and gets to know what you most like to hear at what time of day, comes courtesy of the PatternPlay feature. This means it will go on to suggest new artists it thinks you might enjoy. And with access to more than 35 million songs, supplied by leading global music streaming service Deezer, then the options seem limitless. PatternPlay is activated by just one touch of that beautiful oak wheel.


BeoSound Moment will be available exclusively at Bang & Olufsen stores as of January 30, 2015 in selected countries where both Bang & Olufsen and the Deezer music service are available. More info at www.bang-olufsen.com


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