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How Much Will a Green Oak Frame Cost Me?

One question we’re frequently asked is ‘how much will a green oak frame cost me?’

This is always tricky to answer; especially since there can be a misconception that embarking on your own self-build is bound to be a pricey affair. This is not necessarily the case – over the years we have worked to a huge variety of specifications and budgets.

It’s important to understand that we don’t have a ‘set-price’ that we can easily turn to, as we only produce bespoke green oak frames. This means that each house we build is tailored to the customer – to their preferences, needs, and desires for a new home.

Don’t be daunted to give us a call and talk through some of the options available. We can then go into more detail depending on your budget and plot. If you already have an architect in mind then we work alongside existing plans, or we will happily recommend one that you can trust to deliver the ideal house for you.

Whether it’s a brand new build, an extension, a garage, or one of the many other services we offer, then please feel free to call and enquire about the choices you may have. The chance to own your own dream home might be closer than you think – it’s just a case of giving us a call and getting the wheels in motion by getting in touch here.

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