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A Love Letter to English Oak

Oh English Oak, let us count the ways we love thee…

Well, where to start? Not only does it look stunning, incorporating a natural beauty that sits flawlessly alongside other materials, but it is also proving itself to be value for money when it comes to energy efficiency.

More self-builders are being seduced by green oak – not just the aesthetic qualities, but also the fact their life-performance offers a unique chance to own a low-energy, cost effective home.

Here at English Oak Buildings, we pride ourselves on being able to erect a bespoke home on-site quickly and with minimal fuss. This means that there is no waiting around for a unique home that has the advantage of low running costs.


We use specially designed Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) to ensure your home can quickly become air-tight and have insulation, meaning there doesn’t have to be a huge amount of waiting around. On-site speed is as important to us as it is to the client. We have also been producing our custom made SIPS for over a decade – longer than any of our competitors.


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So why else choose British green oak? Well, the benefits to the environment are huge. It’s gained through sustainable sources, and so contributes to the future of the country’s forestry industry. Not only that, but it’s one of the most environmentally friendly and natural materials, free from toxic treatments. This is often a huge pull from those considering timber-framed housing.

And let’s not forget the beauty of an oak frame. The instant charm of oak beams, and the chance to create your very own contemporary farm-house feel, has got to be one of the main reasons to choose this stunning material. Whether building to live or to sell, one thing is for certain – your romance with green oak is just beginning.


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