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Add style to your home with a Loggia

We know what you might be thinking – what exactly is a loggia?! Well, let us fill you in on what exactly it is, and how it can be a stunning feature to your home.

A loggia is an architectural structure which is essentially a covered exterior corridor or walkway, and can either be on upper levels or the ground floor. Since one wall is open to the elements then it makes for the perfect outside sitting room or entertaining space. The support structure is usually a series of columns or beams, and a loggia differs from a portico since it is accessed only from the inside. They are quite common in Italian architecture and, historically, were found mainly on noble residences and public buildings.

Green oak makes for a wonderful material to construct a loggia from, and can fit seamlessly in with your existing build. It offers an area to relax outside, as well as look across gardens and views.

One example of a loggia we have produced is in Phoenix House. A wing built onto one side of the main frame provided a large weather-boarded workshop, whilst on the opposite side, a long loggia gave the client a shaded view of his beautiful Italian style courtyard garden.

oak loggia, oak doors and green oak frame workshop


One of the successes with Phoenix House is how well the different materials work alongside one another. Natural stone complements the oak frame which in turn works well next to the areas of structural glazing and of course oak weather-boarding.

If you think your house would benefit from the beauty of a classic loggia then get in contact for a quote.




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