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Our latest self build project in the English Oak Buildings workshop!

Here’s our latest self-build project, for all those wondering what we’ve been up to recently! 

Here’s a sneak peek into the English Oak Buildings warehouse, where all the magic happens! Our current self build project is a house, where the guys are making a 7.5m wide sling brace truss.

Sling brace trusses are a fabulous way to add impressive drama to any home. They’re undoubtably one of the most eye-catching types of cross frame. Long curves sweep across the ceiling and arch together for a kind of vaulted effect, rather than hugging tight to the wall of your self-build project. Sling brace trusses are used in two storey buildings with low eaves and are usually combined with dormer windows.

After we’ve constructed the frame in our warehouse, it’s on to the frame raising! Here’s where you see your self build project come to life. An averaged sized three bedroom house frame can be raised and the common rafters fixed within three days!


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