When designing a new green timber build, or adding an oak framed extension to an existing property, there is often one part of the home that clients want to really have the wow factor – and that’s the entrance.

First impressions count, and what better way to show off your beautiful oak framed home than with a stunning hall, foyer or piece of architecture? One example of this can be seen in Old Meadows. Two oak extensions were added, one of which provides a grand double height glazed entrance hall. As you can see, this made the most of the existing circular driveway and fountain by drawing the eye to the beautiful oak framed structure that allows light to flood into the home.

Another way of creating a fabulous first impression is undoubtably with a Pergola – this cockscrew shaped compound curved example draws you in and up to the main house’s front door. This oak entrance can’t fail to draw appreciation from visitors.

Oak-framed-entrance-pergola-with-a-compound-twist-design1-755x424-2So however you want to impress, make sure it’s with an English oak entrance – we can work with you to create a bespoke design especially for you home.