What an oak frame costs

It is commonly agreed that investment in a green-oak structure yields a greater financial benefit than the same investment in a conventional build.

Costing is a complex process requiring that we work closely with clients until we agree a price based on a detailed understanding of the project and budget.


Quotes and guide prices for your oak frame


We can offer a range of pricing options depending on the information available, from a guide price based on floor area to a fixed, itemised quote using your detailed drawings.

If you would like an approximate price of your proposed project, multiply the the floor area in square meters by £450 to £850. This range takes into account the economy of scale and complexity of the oak frame. Therefore barn style frames are at the lower end and smaller or more complicated frames are at the higher end of the range. This range is a good starting point so do feel free to call us for further discussion about costs.


Case studies


Garden room or extension                    £ 745 /sq meter   Old Meadows

Large 4 bedroom house                        £ 550 /sq meter   Foxleigh Grove

Large barn house or large extension    £ 515 /sq meter   Menkea Wartha

Garages – inc. oak studs and rafters    £570 / sq meter


The next step

We are happy to discuss your ideas to create a scheme to suit your budget. Whether it’s a brand new build, an extension, a garage, or one of the many other services we offer, then please feel free to call and enquire about costs.