Rory Millar

Rory Millar


After starting out as a bookseller, I spent sixteen years in the family business in Surrey making and restoring early keyboard instruments. A developing interest in heritage buildings and the traditional methods of timber framing combined with a move to the west country a new career was forged. I gained an NVQ3 in heritage carpentry supported by a heritage Lottery Fund bursary and Nigel Howe at OFTF, working on heritage and eco-build projects around the country. I joined English Oak Buildings in the spring of 2019.

Wood is such a versatile and beautiful material, capable of being fashioned into books, musical instruments, buildings and it is fascinating to explore its possibilities and applications.

When not working I enjoy bird watching, permaculture and music, playing bass guitar in a band.


What was your favourite project and why? The Newmarket Barns were my first project here at EOB and the largest I had so far been involved with. The moment when months of work in the yard and the separate elements of the build come together on site, as these two 7 bay sling braced barns emerged, were magical.

Favourite Biscuit?

Something plain and simple like a Rich Tea.

Favourite Movie?

Love Actually

What would your last meal be?

Something that takes a long time to prepare like Hekart

Favourite Place?

The Isle of Mull, great walking, great wildlife and my favourite whisky

Favourite Band:

The Sixteen

Dream Holiday:

Overland to New Zealand

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