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We’ve chosen to support Clean Water charity The One Foundation and we’re asking you to as well. There are many ways that you can get involved with the charity – as an individual, within your local community or through your company.

Water is essential for life, yet over 663 million people around the world still don’t have access to safe drinking water. In the last decade, The One Foundation has invested over £14 million in water and sanitation projects, helping over 3 million of the world’s poorest people. To find out more about them, take a look at this video:

In 2015 the United Nations agreed the Global Goals: a 15 year plan to end poverty, inequality and injustice. Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, is an express commitment to ensure everyone has access to clean water by 2030.

The One Foundation’s strategy over the next four years focuses on four priority countries – Rwanda, Kenya, Malawi and Ghana – on programmes that make a meaningful contribution to the achievement of Goal 6. They are investing in programmes that will deliver lasting change to the communities they serve and work with trusted partners who have local expertise and global credibility to make sure that the beneficiaries have access to clean and safe water, forever.

These partners pioneer sustainable approaches to ending water poverty in those countries, and those who provide clean water to some of the poorest and hardest to reach communities. Their projects take a holistic approach to ending water poverty – as well as drilling new boreholes, constructing wells and repairing faulty water pumps, they also train communities in the maintenance and repair of their water points and provide education on good hygiene practices.

Read more about current projects in Malawi in our blogs:

You can help by:

One FoundationBuying or Stocking One Drinks – the brand that instantly transforms lives around the world, because all profits fund life-changing water projects, or

Making a donation to support the work of The One Foundation by clicking here

Alternatively, you could take part in one of their fundraising events – for more information get in touch with The One Foundation directly by following this link.

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