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How Oak Can Furnish A Room

Today we’re not just looking at how oak is used in the construction of homes for its durability, strength and insulation properties – we are also looking at the glorious aesthetic benefits that come from a green oak frame.

A prime example is Hyde Barn in rural Hampshire.


As you can see, the natural glory of the oak beams flow seamlessly into a staircase, which takes visitors up to a mezzanine level that is equally impressive due to the sloping beamed ceiling. The oak frame has been utilised to incorporate clever shelving so additional storage is unnecessary and won’t detract from the interior.

This property is used as a holiday cottage, and provides a cosy barn-type feel while also maintaining all the necessary elements of a live-in dwelling. Due to the glazing and roof lights then ample daylight brightens the room without detracting from the homely nature of the build.

It is also worth noting that the barn looks at home next to the existing older farm buildings, due to the oak feather-edge cladding that has been left to silver off naturally. The result is a new property that embraces the charm of a more rustic farmhouse, where the interior is a stunning example of how oak can furnish a room.



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