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Home-Improvement trends for 2016: Transparent Spaces

Continuing our series of blogs about top trends for 2016, we’ve been turning to Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine to discover ways in which your timer framed property can be improved.

Transparent Spaces

 “This has obvious benefits when it comes to introducing light to the interiors and creating a greater sense of connection with the garden. However, this design motif can also help reduce massing, making a building appear transparent and less ‘bulky’”

Glazing For Oak Frames

One of the frequent requests of self-builders wanting a green oak frame is to embrace the natural light, and create something that will allow for large amounts of glazing. With our simple and stylish system, developed over more than a decade, we can ensure maximum amount of light in through the openings in the oak frame while guaranteeing that there is no ingress of water.

Glazing a property opens up a world of possibilities to embrace the trend for transparent spaces. In Old Meadows, the client wanted an extension for a grand double height glazed entry hall, allowing light to flood into the property. This makes for an impressive entrance that has the wow-factor. When we built The Barn at Tuton Hill, we fully glazed the two-storey oak frame and, since it’s been designed with a mezzanine floor slightly set back, this means light can flood both floors. Menkea Wartha in Falmouth is probably one of the most impressive and dramatic builds that incorporates glazing, with the fully glazed gable elevation giving the living area an almost cathedral-like quality.

Direct glazing is the only way we recommend glazing oak frames, since rebated glazing systems that use mastic or wet sealants will fail over time. Our direct glazing system is guaranteed for 25 years and, critically, includes the installation as well as the double or triple glazed units.

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