It seems that many experts believe 2019 will be the year of ‘improving rather than moving’. House prices experience uncertainty in growth, and the looming issue of Brexit means people are less inclined to put their property on the market. So what does that mean for home improvement trends?

Home improvement is on the up. Rather than move, we’re preferring to work on the designs we’ve already got. Perhaps this will mean increasing the space for you and your family with a green oak conservatory, or an English oak garage. Perhaps you’re looking to expand on a smaller plot of land with a clever use of space and building design.

Whether you are indeed planning on staying where you are, or maybe you’re breaking the mould by moving house or designing your own dream self build. Here’s a look at some other home improvement trends we’re expecting to see now 2019 has hit:

Open-plan living

There’s a lot to be said for open-plan room design in the home. It creates space and harmony in living areas, and can unite the family’s often separate domains. This can usually be found in the breaking down of barriers between kitchen and lounge, so you have an all-encompassing living space. Take for example Foxleigh Grove. The frame has been created to truly show off the sweeping sling brace trusses that run into a dramatic central area with large valley beams supported by diagonal dragon beams. Lofty ceilings and plenty of space give this a contemporary drama. The kitchen still has its own ‘domain’ due to the use of sling braces, as well as the bright statement walls. The overall effect is a relaxed family hub.

Natural elements

A desire to go ‘back to nature’ will also be more prominent as one of the home improvement trends for 2019. Whether this is via the use of wooden floorboards, exposed brick or woodwork, and a sense of bringing the outdoors inside. This can be seen wonderfully inMenkea Wartha in Falmouth. The frame has been created with a glorious cathedral-like quality meaning not only the countryside, but also the wooden beams can be appreciated. They’ve also harnessed the use of natural materials in their flooring to create a wonderful natural harmony.

Less is more

A big trend we expect to see is a desire to simplify our living spaces. Instead of shabby chic, country house clutter and boho bits and pieces, now we’ll see a trend for less nooks and crannies filled with objects. The success of Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ comes at a time where we want to enjoy a cleaner, more streamlined way of living. Rooms look larger, brighter, more spacious, and beautiful elements of the architecture can also be appreciated more.

Home offices

As more of us make the decision to work remotely, home offices are on the rise. We were asked to create an oak extension for Chase View. The client wanted to expand the business she runs from home. Turning space into home offices, whether via an extension or perhaps utilising space above garages or outhouses, is certainly one of the home improvement trends we expect to see more of.