Whatever the season, an oak-framed garden room is a fabulous addition to your home.

In spring, watch the buds and blooms come back to life, feeling those first rays of sun on the earth. In summer, the room becomes a light-drenched sanctuary. Perfect for taking a book and relaxing when you need some shade. Nest away in autumn as the night’s draw in. In winter you can decorate it with fairy-lights, add soft throws, and hype up the hygge in your home.

We’ve created a multitude of oak-framed garden rooms, ideal for whatever your particular needs. We will usually incorporate large areas of glazing to create a room that is connected to the garden or grounds in which it is set. Perhaps you want to utilise the space between an existing and new block build, such as Windfarthing garden room we created in Norfolk.  Or maybe you want a completely glazed garden room which doesn’t affect the aesthetics of the original house.

We’ve collected together three of our dream garden rooms, for if money was no option!

Contemporary modern

Image: www.dwell.com

Could this be the dream garden room?! Sliding doors mean the room seems almost part of the garden, while also being a fabulous place for family gatherings. We love the floor-to-ceiling wooden bookcases, as well as the separate space that’s been created for sitting and chilling on the couches. When can we move in?

Tiki tropical

Image: Anglian Home Improvements

Why not make the most of the proximity to nature and go a bit tiki tropical? Bright pops of colour, ferns, wicker furniture and plenty of sunlight will bring the beach to your abode in no time!

Almost al-fresco dining

Image: aji.co.uk

This garden-dining room from Alexander James Interiors is the perfect example of how to maximise your space. A long wooden dining room keeps things rustic, while the sliding doors mean you can eat inside with the sensation of being in the fresh air. In the winter, the room becomes a snug area for family gatherings. Imagine having a festive banquet here while the snow was falling outside!


Lead image: https://www.ameliawilsoninteriors.co.uk