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Get a great night’s sleep in an oak framed bedroom

Since it’s National Sleep Awareness Week, we’ve decided to share some top tips for getting the best night’s rest possible, ideally in an oak framed bedroom!

It’s now a well-accepted fact that getting a decent amount of sleep is imperative for a healthy body, mind and mood. Evidence shows that sleep benefits every aspect of your life –  improved memory, a healthy weight, lower stress and less signs of depression, to name but a few. In fact, a lack of nightly rest being linked to a risk of depression, anxiety and diseases like Alzheimer’s.

So here are some top tips for getting the best night of zzzs possible!

Leave electronics out of the bedroom

Here’s the science bit –  in order to sleep, your brain needs to secrete melatonin, but soaking up all the digital information of Instagram streams, Facebook posts and WhatsApp messages prevents it from doing so. The blue light emitted from this technology is partly to blame, and also generally not switching off mentally will keep your brain too active to rest.

So it’s time to banish as much technology as possible from the bedroom! Although you might want to reach for your phone first-thing, you’ll get into far better habits by charging it overnight in another room. And forget the age-old excuse of ‘but my alarm is on there!’ – alarm clocks are cheap and easy to buy!

Make sure your room is cool 

It might be nice to get toasty under the covers, but science suggests that a cool bedroom might be better for a healthy night’s sleep. During the onset of sleep, your body temperature drops, so nodding off in a cool environment helps facilitate sleep at this stage. Turning the thermostat below 54 degrees or above 75 degrees can cause sleep disruptions – the ideal temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

With an oak framed bedroom, the use of our SIPS (structurally insulated panels) help to maintain a cool house in the summer – so you can be sure of no stuffiness!

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Have a bath before bedtime

As just mentioned, your body temperature drops during the onset of sleep. When you take a soak in a hot bath, your temperature rises – so when you leave the tub, the rapid cool-down afterwards immediately relaxes you. Could be just the excuse for that oak-framed en suite next to the bedroom…

Create a calming space in your oak framed bedroom

When you enter your bedroom to unwind, it’s good to feel a sense of tranquility – something that puts you in the mood for rest. An oak framed bedroom is well suited to designs requiring open, lofty spaces that can be flooded with light, creating a feeling of space and airiness. Whether it’s an extension or an attic room, this effect is rather sensational – the frame itself becomes the focal point, and minimalist chic creates a soothing, restful room that is ideal for a bedroom.

Fancy investing in an oak framed bedroom? Contact English Oak Buildings today on info@englishoakbuildings.com


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