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Thinking About An Oak Garden Room?

Is it too early to say that spring is almost here? Probably, since the daffodils are some way from nodding their jaunty yellow heads in herald to warmer climes. But gardeners will know that when it comes to planning the year ahead, then it’s never too early.

There’s a chance that, for some of you, 2015 is the year that you are going to renovate some part of your house, or extend into your garden. One extremely popular way of doing just this is with a conservatory or a garden room. And a particularly lovely material to construct these additions from is, of course, green oak.

Timber frames have a natural beauty that lend themselves perfectly to structures that incorporate the world outside. In many cases we have been called upon to design garden rooms that move with an almost seamless fluidity from interior to exterior. We often incorporate large areas of glazing, which not only lets light flood into the room but also takes advantage of beautiful views. Adding double doors or banks of sliding-folding doors will further this connection.

The scope of the build is really up to you. With our Old Meadows project, we were given the task of adding two extensions – one a grand double height glazed entrance, and the other a generous but quiet space to enjoy the garden.

In some cases you may wish to add the extension onto your home, but there is also the option of clever use of space. Our client at Windfarthing in Norfolk took advantage of the gap between his existing property and new brick build to introduce a green oak garden frame.

At English Oak Buildings we have the ability to build to all manner of briefs and budgets, assuring you a space that is unique and full of character. Feel free to contact us to discus your options or get a quote, and then start planning on how you will make the most of your new green oak garden room.


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