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Garages – making them look the part

Sometimes there are misconceptions that garages have to be ugly boxes bolted onto the side of a home, or placed somewhere in the grounds of a house where they’re not going to attract too much attention. You may have memories of squat brick cubes with plastic white doors that moved on a hinge. But times have changed hugely, and now an English oak framed garage can actually be an aesthetic bonus to your property.

Depending on what size you want, they can merge into the design of your existing property, or they can be an attractive free-standing addition of their own. The green oak looks stunning and will be a bonus to the property, especially with our beautiful timber cladding. When it comes to planning permission and building regulations, we can also help. We take into account the number of cars, size, and whether you also want to integrate space above each bay. These have, in the past, been turned into various rooms such as home offices.

Oak frame garage and Office outbuilding

We create garages specifically for you, depending on how many bays you want, and the style of the property. There can be nothing more perfect for housing and showcasing cars, and each is created using traditional mortis and tendon joints.

If you’re proud of your home, and equally want somewhere to hold your car (or fleet of luxury vehicles!) then get in contact and find out how we can help create something bespoke for you. And please take a moment to browse a selection of our garages here!

oak-frame-garage-with-hipped-cat-slide-roof-755x424-2 Oak-garage-with-thatch-roof-and-brick-infil-755x424


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