They say that a picture tells a thousand words, but a moving picture says a million.   So here are some videos to show you what we do here at English Oak Buildings.  This first one is a general promotional video we made a few years ago to showcase the bespoke nature of a hand-crafted oak-framed building:

The video below was made using timelapse photography, and shows the process of raising an oak frame on-site.   The frame itself took just over two days to put up in real time, but this video reduces that to just under two minutes.  The building, Hyde Barn on the edge of the New Forest, is now complete having been resurrected into a beautiful new oak-framed house, as can be seen by following this link.

This next video shows aerial footage of a frame-raising for a new oak framed garage building which includes space for barn and studio, that we are currently in the process of completing. More information on this project can be found by following this link.