It’s most likely that, unless you live in a bungalow, staircases feature somewhere in your house. And while the most creative we’ll often get is what carpet to cover the steps in, or what photos to hang along the walls, these examples of truly incredible design have us thinking we’re missing a trick…

Hanging Stairs

This beautiful staircase plays with the idea that each step can exist separately while also flowing into the higher levels. The gradual slope of the sides creates a soothing aesthetic while also allowing people to use it as a resting spot.

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Timber Striped Staircase

This staircase, designed by Tetrarc for the School of Arts, is created from laminated timber strips, some of which have been painted. Not only does it create a flowing, organic shape, but draws the eye and adds a splash of colour against the minimalist background.


Space-Saving Stairs

Space beneath stairs is usually relegated to some sort of dark, gloomy cupboard where we shove things that can’t be classified for the rest of the home. However, this staircases showcases a throughly organised approach to storage – never again will you have to fumble in the dark for those old VHS tapes or gym shoes!


Library Stairs

Another great space saving concept that also acts as a beautiful and eye-catching feature for the home. Not only can all your volumes be on display, but we love the idea of sliding down the slope after picking your chosen book!


And finally our favourite…

Tree Stairs

This stunning staircase encapsulates the idea of organic design – made from wood and sanded to a smooth finish, it then winds upwards and takes on the appearance of a tree, with the steps appearing as branches.