Hurrah – another green oak frame has been completed, and we have a thrilled client who has seen their dream become a reality! Starting with the conception of their idea – a stunning barn with a hammer beam truss design and pergola –  through to 3D CAD modelling that allowed them to see a variety of options, and then finally the building activity itself, we’re here to show you the process of how a project comes to fruition!

Part 1: the 3D Modelling


Part 2: The Building Process…

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 14.22.52

Part 3: Completion!

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Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 16.30.59

The brief and 3D Modelling

With any new client, we sit down with them (and sometimes their architect) to discuss the project as a whole, and ascertain what exactly they want from their green oak frame. Sometimes clients have a very clear idea of how their self-build should look – and sometimes they are open to suggestion, and are keen to play with ideas. This particular client wanted to decide between a tie beam design and a hammer beam truss design.

This is where our use of 3D Modelling is absolutely wonderful. It gives us a chance to translate ideas into physical form, allowing clients to visualise how features will work together. We can also then give them a variety of options, and they can choose their favourite.

This is exactly what happened with this particular barn project. Scott provided two 3D designs, a tie beam design and a hammer beam truss design. The client was thoroughly impressed with the 3D modelling, saying this helped them come to a final decision for the hammer beam truss.

And then it’s on to building…

After building the frames in our workshop, it’s off to the site to start the frame raising process! This includes constructing the frames in the traditional manner, and inserting the SIPS Panels.

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Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 14.22.30

And then eventually… it’s finished!

Check out this super light, open and airy barn space, and the attractive pergola leading along the garden. The client came to us with a specific brief to replace an existing barn with a clear span roof design with an uninterrupted floor space – which is what they got! The frame features wind braces and a double run of purlins in the roof, jowl posts and extra large cross frame braces to support the hammer beam truss. The frame was encapsulated with SIPs panels, which was in turn clad with green oak, feather edge cladding boards, trim and stops.

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