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Direct Glazing

Direct glazing is the only way to successfully glaze a green oak frame building. This deceptively simple and stylish glazing system has been developed over more than a decade, specifically for our green oak frames. The basis of the system is that glass is held in position outside of the frame by joinery quality re-sawn seasoned oak cover boards.

Direct Glazing allows the maximum amount of light in through the openings in the oak frame while assuring that there is no ingress of water. Rebated glazing systems, especially ones using mastic or other wet sealants, will fail over time.

At English Oak Buildings, we fix glass units onto the outside surface of the house structure, installed into their own frames made from dry wood. This is done in such a way that the green oak frame can move behind the glass – essential when you consider that the timber needs to settle over time. To maintain the aesthetics of the build then the glass fittings are secured to the frame using oak cover boards.

At English Oak Buildings our direct glazing system is guaranteed for 25 years and, critically, includes the instillation as well as the double or triple glazed units.


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