Happy Burns Night, everyone! What better excuse to eat haggis-inspired dishes, have a few drams of whisky, and pop on some bagpipe music, than the birthday of Scotland’s most beloved poet!

In the spirit of Burns Night, we’re sharing this incredible table located at Black Rock bar in London’s Shoreditch. Black Rock is an award-winning speciality whisky bar, and one of the most impressive features is surely this table that runs along the centre.

Yes, that’s an oak tree you see – in fact, it’s an 185 year old oak tree that’s been laid on its end and split in half, before being filled with whisky. If this sounds preposterous, then wait a moment – because the creators of this spirit-soaked bench have cut two channels down the length of the trunk and then lined them with charred American and European oak, before covering them with glass. After this they filled each with 17 litres of whisky cocktails in order to let them age as they rest. And if you want to imbibe these oaky beverages? Simply turn the taps and the whisky cocktail is delivered straight to your glass! We can’t think of anywhere better to head on Burns Night than an actual oak bar…

For more information head to blackrock.bar

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