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Ornamental Bridges

As well as constructing green oak timber frames, here at English Oak Buildings we create bespoke garden accessories such as pagodas and bridges. The material lends itself superbly to these ornamental structures, as the wood harmonises with the flora and fauna and makes for a unique and beautiful addition to the garden.

In the case of this stunning bridge, English Oak Buildings was approached by a client who had recently refurbished his mansion, and wanted to give his wife a moving in gift. He had first suggested a necklace, but she had asked that instead they commission an oriental bridge to span the lake in their grounds, inspired by the musical Miss Saigon. Together with the client and a specialist architect, English Oak Buildings worked on a design to incorporate the love of Asia, that would also look spectacular in their garden. The result was this inspired bridge that leads into a compact, open-sided lake house that is perfect for relaxation and contemplation. The roof incorporates sarking boards to give an impressive tiered finish, wile the structure of the seating area has curved trusses and beams to allow for aesthetic flow. The finished design is a beautiful and original bridge that is both fabulous to look at while also providing a space to escape the world.


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