Our Blog section aims to bring you up-to-date with what’s happening at English Oak Buildings from day to day.   This page contains an archive of our most popular blogs from 2016.

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Support In Malawi – Helping The One Foundation, Part Three.

In the third and final part of our diary recounting the recent trip to Malawi with the One Foundation, Heather and Rory visit [...]

Support in Malawi – helping The One Foundation, part two.

Homes with no roofs; children who are desperate to have their photo taken so they know what they look like; a tiny girl in a [...]

The One Foundation – charity of choice for English Oak Buildings

In the first of three diary blogs, we follow Heather and Rory as they travel to Malawi to volunteer with The One Foundation – [...]

Oak lined walls in the new Design Museum

A couple of days ago, the improved Design Museum reopened in its new home in South Kensington, to various comments on the fre [...]

  • Glazing For Oak Frames

English Oak Frames – Keeping Your Energy Bills Low In Winter

Some people might consider the differences between an oak frame and a brick home, and assume that the latter is more likely t [...]

It seems Apple is a fan of oak…

It's the store opening that's had the interior designers gossiping for weeks. Apple have rejuvenated their Regent Street site [...]

Oak Design Goals – Our Top Three

Some people like to spend their downtime on the internet looking at cat memes, others like to plan their dream holiday. We li [...]

Cliff Cottage – an oak extension to be proud of

The latest project for English Oak Buildings is the addition of a large oak extension to an older cottage in Walton-in-Gorda [...]

  • Oak garden room, annex accommodation with oak trusses, fixed glazing

Creating a summer vibe with English Oak

When people think of oak homes, their mind often drifts to oak beams overhead, cosy panelling and a fire crackling in the gra [...]

Our largest frame yet… is an 9-bay oval garage!

For the past few months we’ve been working on a massive project in Sandwich, Kent, that would daunt a lot of timber framers – [...]

Looking for a self-build plot? Head to Kent!

Once upon a time designing and creating your own self-build home might have seemed like a wonderful dream. But it's become an [...]

CFS Gold Award garden inspired by an oak forest

Whether or not you managed to head to London to experience the delights of the Royal Horticulturalist Society Chelsea Flower [...]

Home-Improvement trends for 2016: Porches and Verandas

 The next blog in our series of top trends for 2016 focuses on how a classic addition to a home can be updated to stay modern [...]

Home-Improvement trends for 2016: Transparent Spaces

Continuing our series of blogs about top trends for 2016, we’ve been turning to Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine to disco [...]

Home-Improvement trends for 2016: Slate Cladding

Whether you’ve recently invested in a self-build, are planning one in the foreseeable future, or are simply dreaming up new w [...]

What is Glulam and why do we use it?

In a few of our posts you may have heard us mention Glulam, and wondered what it actually means. Well, we thought we'd explai [...]

Latest Project: An Oak Oval Garage

It's not unusual for us to be presented with a tricky and challenging project here at English Oak Buildings - and we like to [...]

Architects and Heritage Experts – We Can Help

We've touched before on the importance of oak being used in buildings throughout English history. Its sturdy properties, abun [...]

On our wish-list: this stunning Oak. furniture

Every now and then we like to peruse what's new when it comes to the interior design world of oak - which is how we came acro [...]

The Association of Environmentally Conscious Building

Using sustainably sourced timber has always been something that English Oak Buildings take great pride in, and we strongly su [...]

The Ideal Gift for Valentine’s Day

February 14th is approaching - and whether you think it's all a huge scam by card companies, or perhaps you actively look for [...]

U-Values – and why a low one is important

At English Oak Buildings, we're proud to say that we create our own custom made Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs Panels) - i [...]