Our Blog section aims to bring you up-to-date with what’s happening at English Oak Buildings from day to day.   This page contains an archive of our most popular blogs from the end of 2015.

Make sure you also go to our Videos section, where you can view a mini-documentary about the process of designing and fabricating an English Oak Buildings frame, as well as a fascinating timelapse film recording the raising of one of our largest frames to date.

Some of our best oak projects from 2015

We've designed, created and worked on some fabulous oak projects this year, encompassing all manner of bespoke green oak fram [...]

  • garden pergola

Adding a Pergola to your Property in 2016

As one year winds to a close, another one peeks its head round the corner, bringing with it some exciting prospects. 2016 is [...]

The Oldest Wooden Church in Europe

Since it's nearly Christmas, we thought we'd share some information about St. Andrews Church, Greensted - the oldest wooden C [...]

  • Oak frame House Barn Conversion, New Forest, Hampshire, timber cladding

Barn Conversions are Booming

Ah, the barn conversion. Surely one of the most aspirational additions to a property that one can get. Perhaps you bought you [...]

  • Oak Frame house, sling brace truss, Holyport, Berkshire

An Oak Kitchen – the heart of the home

What with Christmas just around the corner, it's natural to start thinking about preparations for the big day. This is especi [...]

  • oak truss, purlins and rafters in storey-and-a-half roof

Rest your head within the beauty of an oak framed bedroom

One room that always benefits from the stunning aesthetics and construction benefits that comes with commissioning a green oa [...]

Value Engineering – It’s Important To Us

When it comes to your green oak frame, we are there from the very beginning, and work alongside you from concept to completio [...]

An Oak Door to a Country Garden

We've been really busy recently constructing all manner of oak architecture, including garages, stables, gazebos and also com [...]

  • Oak frame house at dusk

Want to transform your property? It’s all about oak extensions!

You might love the area where your home is positioned - you might adore the location and the grounds. But what if the house [...]

  • Oak Bridges & Garden Architecture

The Attraction of Oak Garden Architecture

When it comes to garden architecture, it is little wonder that oak frames are such popular choices for those wanting a unique [...]

  • Oak Barn Conversions

Need a rural escape? How about a holiday cottage

If you're a city dweller but have always dreamed of having a home in the countryside then we have the answer - a bespoke oak [...]

The Beauty of a Cedar Shake Roof

Want to add even more character to your timber build? How about considering a Cedar Shake Roof? So what is shake roofing? Wel [...]

Buttermere Stables – a real Super Structure

Sometimes we're called upon to create something beyond our usual remit - that is, not your average garage, extension or oak [...]

Awkward Access? Plot Restrictions? We Can Help.

There are some occasions when a regular build or standard option just won't cut it - whether it is because of awkward access [...]