Our Blog section aims to bring you up-to-date with what’s happening at English Oak Buildings from day to day.   This page contains an archive of our most popular blogs from the middle of 2015.

Make sure you also go to our Videos section, where you can view a mini-documentary about the process of designing and fabricating an English Oak Buildings frame, as well as a fascinating timelapse film recording the raising of one of our largest frames to date.

Add some impressive oak to your garden

We've discussed how oak can furnish a room, and how it can enhance the aesthetics of a beautiful existing build, but how abou [...]

  • Oak frame house at dusk

Oak Extensions – they don’t have to compromise character

Often we are approached by clients who love the idea of an green oak extension, and yet they have one concern - that it will [...]

Stunning Sling Brace Trusses

One superb way to add drama to your home is by including sling brace trusses in the design of the timber frame, and they are [...]

Oak Furniture We’re Loving

Our list of interior admiration is growing steadily - and has now certainly been added to with this beautiful piece of oak fu [...]

The Scribe Rule

At English Oak Buildings, we are proud of our adherence to the timeless craftsmanship of heritage joinery methods. When creat [...]

Do I need planning permission for a small plot?

It's a misconception that you need a huge amount of land if you want to create a new build, or even add an extension to your [...]

  • Oak frame extension with glass

Timber Cladding For Your Home

At English Oak Building, our frames are compatible with all types of cladding. The oak frame and SIP’s panels provide a super [...]

  • Oak frame extension and balcony, in Wells Somerset

Add some character to your property

One of the main reasons people choose to use green oak in their home is that the timber frame adds a unique character to a pr [...]

  • Oak framed swimming pool buildings

Summer is here – what you need is a swimming pool

No doubt you were sweltering yesterday during the hottest day of the year, as temperatures soared to up to 25 degrees in Lond [...]

An Impressive Oak Entrance

When designing a new green timber build, or adding an oak framed extension to an existing property, there is often one part o [...]

How Oak Can Furnish A Room

Today we're not just looking at how oak is used in the construction of homes for its durability, strength and insulation prop [...]

Oak extensions for your office and home business

If you run your own business from home then you'll know the importance of a successful working environment. It's all about ha [...]

We Adore This Beautiful Miniature Oak Garden

The oak is a symbol of power, strength and durability - but these gorgeous pieces of design show a far more fragile side to t [...]

The Beauty of Bespoke Architecture

Part of our job at English Oak Buildings is to translate the visions of our clients into a reality. One of the joys of what w [...]

Garages – making them look the part

Sometimes there are misconceptions that garages have to be ugly boxes bolted onto the side of a home, or placed somewhere in [...]

Stone meets oak – in perfect harmony

While some customers like to create their own bespoke oak frame as a new build, there are others that simply wish to extend t [...]

Trend Watch – Kitsch seats with Faux Fur and Oak

We're always on the look out for pieces of design that include oak, and couldn't resist a smile spreading over our face when [...]

  • Green oak frame garden room conservatory, Wales

Adding a Garden Room? Consider a Fibreglass Roof

Garden rooms are beautiful features of any property - they can either be incorporated into the design of a new build, or adde [...]

Why are oak barrels used when producing whisky?

Saturday 16th May is World Whisky Day - and of course, we'll be supporting the cause by indulging in a few drams ourselves. P [...]

Garden Architecture – a Sala Thai

Now that summer is nearly here, many of us are planning our trips away. Be it a wine-tasting extravaganza amongst the vineyar [...]

Trend watch – We Do Wood Furniture

We have a new furniture crush - not only for aesthetics, but for their ethics towards the environment and sustainability. Let [...]