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  • Oak frame garden room sling brace truss, Willowbank

The Environment and Timber Frames

It comes as a huge boost for the environment that new statistics suggest around 75% of self-build homes are constructed using [...]

  • SIPS panel being fitted on site cropped

SIPs panels

Insulation is key to protecting your home from high energy bills, since air leakage is the premier reason for heat loss in mo [...]

  • Oak Frame house, sling brace trusses, Holyport, Berkshire cropped

How to use that spare room

Space – it’s great to have a bit extra. But if you’re lucky enough to have a spare room to play with, then what’s the best wa [...]

  • Oak House, direct glazing, Oak beams, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire,

Direct Glazing

Direct glazing is the only way to successfully glaze a green oak frame building. This deceptively simple and stylish glazing [...]

  • Green Oak Frame House, and glass wall, Cornwall

A Love Letter to English Oak

Oh English Oak, let us count the ways we love thee… Well, where to start? Not only does it look stunning, incorporating a nat [...]

The Joy of Owning a Green Oak Conservatory

Thinking about extending your home with a conservatory? Now could be the time… It is still summer out there, we promise you, [...]

  • English oak barn conversion

Finding Your Plot

So you know you want to build a house… but where are you going to build it? Finding the right land is obviously an essential [...]

  • Green Oak Frame House, and glass wall, kitchen Cornwall

A Self-Build Home for Under £100,000? Give It A Go!

Have you designed and build a house for under £100,000? Well, the Telegraph is launching a competition to seek those who have [...]

How Much Will a Green Oak Frame Cost Me?

One question we’re frequently asked is ‘how much will a green oak frame cost me?’ This is always tricky to answer; especially [...]